What General Motors Is Really Doing With Its Small (and Big) Cars

The tiny Chevrolet Spark will stick around

The Spark is a minicar, one size down from subcompacts like the Sonic andĀ Ford’s Fiesta. It’s made in South Korea, and that’s one key to why it’s sticking around with a revamp for 2019.

Spark sales fell slightly from 2013 to 2017, but Sonic sales fell dramatically from a 2014 peak.

While U.S. sales of the Spark (the blue line in the graph below) have fallen over the last couple of years, they haven’t fallen by a lot. Meanwhile, minicars remain popular in some other markets around the world. There’s no reason for GM to discontinue building the car in its Korean factory, and no reason to stop sending some to the United States for buyers who want a small, fuel-efficient Chevy.

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