The Best Boots for Hiking The Grand Canyon

The right boots for hiking at the Grand Canyon are essential. We cannot stress enough how important good quality boots are to your safety, wellbeing and enjoyment while you’re hiking The Grand Canyon.

Over the years, we have heard and could share with you horror stories of how people have suffered because of improper footwear, especially on long hikes and hikes that have significant elevation changes, such as the Grand Canyon. The fact is that as a Grand Canyon adventurer, you are undertaking an adventure that few people ever experience. As such, your enjoyment depends on you having comfortable feet throughout your adventure. And that starts with wearing the proper footwear.

Here we’ve outlined how to fit, purchase and maintain the proper footwear. Additionally, at the bottom of the page is a list of links that will provide you even more detailed information. Please keep in mind that there is no “best brand” for socks or boots. There isn’t a specific combination of socks and boots that work well for everyone. Let your feet be the judge, and get the right hiking boots for The Grand Canyon!

Hiking The Grand Canyon requires supportive hiking boots. Hiking sandals, sport sandals, walking shoes, trail running shoes and “rugged” walkers are not hiking boots and notappropriate for hiking The Grand Canyon. We recommend and prefer you to wear over the ankle supportive hiking boots, but ankle-high boots will suffice.

Start with Socks!

Your socks and boots work together to keep your feet comfortable throughout your training and hike day. Whatever store you choose, you will find a multitude of socks to choose from.

There are a number of factors to consider when buying socks. First, there’s price. Next is the material and construction. Should you go with wool or a synthetic material, such as acrylic, Coolmax, Thermax or some other type of polyester? Or a natural fiber such as wool or cotton? Our personal favorite is Smart Wool brand.

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