I’ve been traveling in a carry on backpack for so long that I sometimes forget about some of the obstacles that keep people from shrinking down their bag. Keeping it light and […]

Most running shoes feel comfortable when you’re standing in a shoe store, but the true test comes several miles into your run. You’ll soon realize that the ideal shoe has […]

Each of New York’s flagship Olmsted-designed parks has its own pond or lake, intended for ice skating, fishing, and boating. Often these waterways predate the parks, with long natural and […]

I’ve lost count of the amount of emails I’ve received asking for camera gear advice and what I use; it’s a minefield after all with so many brands, sensor sizes, […]

To those new to the activity, Nordic walking poles look like nothing more than rubber tipped ski poles – and basically they’re correct.  But in the long run it is […]

How cold is the water? The water temperature here generally ranges between 7 and 15 degrees Celsius. Do I have to wear a wetsuit? Wearing a wetsuit is a necessity […]

At Cranmore, we are all about kids.  We offer group instruction through our KidsRule Mountain Camps, as well as private instruction. Our goal is to build a lifetime of enjoyment […]