Mazda studying a rotary with Skyactiv-X technology

None of those applications are likely what rotary enthusiasts ideally have in mind, but according to Mazda’s vice president of R&D and design Masashi Otsuka, there’s reason to hold onto a little hope that the engine can still come back in a larger capacity. In an interview with Jalopnik at the LA Auto show, Otsuka says that Skyactiv-X engine technology that will debut under the hood of the new Mazda3 in late 2019 could potentially be applied to the rotary.

Mazda Skyactiv-X prototype

Skyactiv-X combines ultra-high compression, a small supercharger, complex combustion timing, technologies derived from diesel engines and a mild hybrid system that Mazda claims to deliver better efficiency and torque from a normal gas piston engine. Whether all or some of that gets ported over to the rotary remains to be seen.

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