Skiing and snowboarding are active winter sports that can be enjoyed for decades. Many people enjoy snow sports well into their 80s. These are sports that anyone, with a little determination, can learn rather quickly.

The benefits of skiing and snowboarding are numerous. These are healthy, outdoor winter activities that lift the spirit and exercise the body, plus they offer camaraderie, and many friendships are made on chairlift rides up the mountain. They offer you goals to work towards, challenging you to push yourself a little further each day, improving your skills and heightening your awareness of the environment. And they are carried out in a beautiful mountain atmosphere that, combined with the experience of controlled sliding down a snow-covered slope, is second to no other sport. Below is a First Timer’s Guide, great for beginners or a refresher for those familiar with the sport and Hunter Mountain. To view the guide in PDF form click here.


Long recognized as the pioneer in snowmaking technology, Hunter Mountain has been recognized by the National Ski Areas Association for its dedication to the growth of snow sports, earning the industry award for having the “Best Program to Grow the Sport to New Participants.”
With Hunter One, an independent training mountain enhanced by its own user-friendly lifts and expansive terrain within the larger resort, beginners at Hunter easily master a sequential series of skills, gaining confidence at each level.
Hunter’s state-of-the-art Learning Center streamlines the learning process by combining cutting-edge equipment, unique teaching methods, and a dedicated beginner mountain with a facility designed to make getting from the parking area to the slopes as effortless as possible. Incorporating ticket sales, equipment rental, and lessons in one linear, logical process, our Learning Center makes getting onto the slopes easier than ever. One transaction buys your package. A few steps later, you’re in rentals. With boots on and equipment in hand, step outside into the lesson area on the Learning Center deck, and then onto the snow with your instructor(s).
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