KLD updates electric motor for 21st-century cars

Out in a parking lot by the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark, KLD CEO Christian Okonsky explains that the basic electric motor, that used by automakers like Tesla in its electric cars, has not changed much in 100 years. Then he shows me a teardown of KLD’s electric motor, this one employing radical features such as a stator broken down into multiple, modular components.

Okonsky’s chief scientific officer, Ray Caamano, takes over, diving deep into electrical engineering terminology of which I can follow a bit before my brain starts humming the theme song from “Speed Racer.” It’s heady stuff but it seems to make sense.

KLD has not only developed a new electric motor, but also come up with a battery pack and power control module, tying the whole system together as a drivetrain for electric cars. This approach, developing battery, control, and motor together, is something I’ve also heard from Tesla engineers. In an electric car, the pieces are just too interdependent to develop separately, then mix and match.

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