If Aston Martin Goes Public, These Electric Super-Luxury Cars Will Be a Big Deal

British supercar maker Aston Martin announced that it will relaunch its historic Lagonda sedan brand as “the world’s first zero emission luxury brand” — and it unveiled a wild concept car that hints at what it has planned.

A dark gray Lagonda Vision Concept, a radically styled four-door sedan.

Yes, Aston Martin is privately held, but hang on: Aston’s key investors are considering an initial public offering in the near future, possibly by the end of 2018. Given that old rival Ferrari’s stock has more than doubled in price since its IPO in late 2015, an Aston Martin offering is likely to draw considerable interest from investors — and it should.

If Aston does go public, the new Lagonda model range could sweeten the pot for investors and give it some advantages over Ferrari. Here’s what we know.

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