How Porsche Will — and Won’t — Beat Tesla’s Superchargers

Porsche has already begun installing Turbo Chargers at its dealers

Of course, Tesla will still be able to point out that Porsche won’t be building a network of thousands of proprietary recharging stations. But Porsche’s dealers will have Turbo Chargers available, some other sites may install them — and Porsche may offer them to owners for home installation.

Four electric-vehicle chargers in the parking lot of a Porsche dealership. A black Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is plugged into one of the conventional chargers.

In fact, the first two Porsche Turbo Chargers are already installed and working, at a Porsche dealership near Berlin. While there are no Porsches that can take advantage of the 800-volt chargers (aside from factory prototypes) yet, the station also includes two conventional CCS fast-chargers that can be used by many electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, including Porsche’s own plug-in hybrid models.

Expect Porsche to open more stations over the next several months, as it prepares for the launch of its first battery-electric vehicle next year. The company is known to have two BEVs in development: The first, a four-door sports sedan called the Taycan, is expected sometime in 2019. It’ll be followed by an SUV-like variant currently known by its show-car name, the Mission E Cross Turismo, that will enter production in about 2021.

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