How Porsche Will — and Won’t — Beat Tesla’s Superchargers

Porsche’s proprietary chargers will be Porsche-fast

Porsche is a small company by auto-industry standards. But because it’s a subsidiary of global giant Volkswagen AG , Porsche’s elite engineering team can develop expensive advanced technology that it might not otherwise be able to afford to put into production.

Blume is standing on an auto-show stage with the Taycan, a sleek white sports sedan, and a vintage Porsche sports car.

That team has developed a key piece of new technology for Porsche’s upcoming electric vehicles. While the electric Porsches will be able to recharge using the common CCS DC Fast recharging standard, they’ll also accept proprietary Porsche “Turbo Chargers” that operate at 800 volts, twice the industry standard.

Here’s what makes them special: Those 800-volt, 350-kilowatt chargers will allow the Porsches to recharge to 80% of capacity in just 15 minutes. That’s half the time required by Tesla’s current Superchargers, and it gives Porsche’s dealers a powerful way to counter that key Tesla selling point.

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