How Porsche Will — and Won’t — Beat Tesla’s Superchargers

Investors in Tesla often point to the company’s network of high-speed recharging stations as a key advantage. Most Tesla owners can use the stations and their “Superchargers” for free — an important selling point that has helped Tesla win over wary first-time electric-car owners.

While other providers are stepping up to build high-speed recharging stations in the U.S. and Europe, as of right now, Tesla is the only electric-vehicle maker with a robust high-speed recharging network. It’s a powerful selling point that any major automaker looking to compete with Tesla has to be able to counter.

So far, no rival automaker has proposed to build a recharging network that’s anything like Tesla’s. But one company that’s looking to directly challenge Tesla in the market for upscale, fast electric vehicles has come up with a counter for the Supercharger argument that doesn’t involve building thousands of stations.

That company, German sports-car maker Porsche, plans to beat Tesla in a different way: by beating its recharging technology.

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