Here’s How Lucid Motors Will Neutralize Tesla’s Supercharger Advantage

Who is behind Electrify America?

Remember back in 2016, when Volkswagen  agreed to a $15.3 billion settlement of a slew of civil claims related to its diesel-emissions cheating scandal? As part of that settlement, VW agreed to invest $2 billion over 10 years in zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, access, and awareness initiatives in the U.S. Importantly, VW agreed that those investments would be brand-neutral — not keyed to its own products — in an effort to support wider adoption of ZEVs generally.

Electrify America is the company that VW created to deliver on that agreement. It has begun building a nationwide network of high-speed charging stations that will work with just about any electric vehicle. The first phase of its effort, set to be completed by June of 2019, will see chargers installed at over 650 “community-based” sites (think workplaces, shopping centers, and parking garages), and an additional 300 stations along high-traffic corridors between major metropolitan areas, including two cross-country routes.

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