Here Are 2 Glimpses of General Motors’ Battery-Electric Future

Want a sneak peek at a couple of the upcoming battery-electric vehicles from General Motors ? Look no further than this year’s Beijing Auto Show, where GM has unveiled two intriguing new plug-in Buicks.

One is just a show car, at least for now. But GM said the other is headed for production — and both incorporate some new technologies that hint at the potential for GM’s upcoming line of long-range electric vehicles.

The Buick Enspire, a sleek red midsize crossover SUV.

The show car: Buick Enspire

Officially, the Buick Enspire is a “concept,” or show car. Automakers use concept cars for a few different reasons: Sometimes, they’re intended to show the direction of the company’s thinking around styling, technology, or both. But there are also times when a concept car is a veiled preview of something the company actually plans to put into production.

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