General Motors’ Chevy Bolt Just Beat Tesla’s Model X

The Bolt’s sales have now risen for nine months in a row

Here’s a look at how the Bolt’s U.S. sales have fared since its introduction in December 2016.

A bar chart showing the Bolt's monthly U.S. sales rising steadily from early 2017.

Bolt sales have increased steadily since early in 2017, getting a boost after GM finally made the little electric car available nationwide in August. Clearly, there’s demand for the Bolt, though recently, GM has been offering some discounts to help encourage more buyers to try an electric vehicle.

Right now, GM’s incentives on the Bolt include generous leasing terms for those who finance through GM, and just over $2,000 in discounts and 3.9% financing for those who chose to buy instead of lease. Those are in addition to the federal and state tax credits available to buyers of new electric vehicles, which can exceed $10,000 in a few areas.

All of that is helping Bolt sales, of course. But the main reason that the Bolt has sold well is simple: It’s a nicely executed, well-regarded product.

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