Best Fall Shoes and Boots

When I evaluate a pair of boots, similar to how I evaluate dress shoes, I am focused on price and quality. The price to quality ratio for boots is similar to most men’s fashion products: the more you are willing to pay the higher the quality of the product. However, I believe that there is a peak and when you are paying over a certain amount you are just paying for the brand name. There is no need to buy a fancy pair of designer boots; you want a pair that you aren’t afraid to get dirty.

When it comes to quality of boots vs. dress shoes, typically buying a pair of under $100 dress shoes will lack quality, but they will probably hold up just fine in normal weather conditions (besides rain). Boots, are the opposite. Since boots are worn when the seasons are turning and the weather is typically awful, you need a pair that will hold up. It”s worth paying up for one nice pair of boots that you will own for many years!

When I think about purchasing a pair of boots, I typically want a pair that can be dressed up or dressed down. Of course, wearing boots with a suit might be pushing it, but I at least want to be able to wear the boots with a shirt and tie, or jeans and a button down. I want them to look nice and also be able to take a beating.

The top two boot brands that I constantly recommend to my followers, friends and family are…drum roll please… Allen Edmonds and Thursday Boot Co. (with an honorable mention to Greats Brand).

Allen Edmonds

My go-to footwear in fall / winter isn’t actually a boot, however it follows many of the characteristics I mentioned above. I consistently finding myself wearing the Allen Edmonds Strandmok shoe with the Dainite Rubber Sole. This shoe continues to be one of my most complimented wardrobe items and it’s built like a tank. Last year I wrote a post all about the AE Dainite Rubber Soles. The color, design, detailing is all just so spot on.

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