Basic Tips for Weather Photography

Weather photography is definitely one of the most challenging yet rewarding types of photography that you can get into. If you’re the type who likes taking photos of unusual sceneries that you definitely don’t see on a regular day, much less in photos, then this a good niche for you.

In this article, we’ll help you capture stunning images of heavy dark skies, lightning storms, and maybe even a few snowstorms. Better than doing it “right,” we’ll also highlight how you can prepare for it and keep yourself safe while you bring your photography to the next level.

Lightning bolts over the city

Do Your Research

As part of your preparation for the weather shoot, do some major research ahead of time. Weather photography comes with serious risks that may keep you from ever bringing home any winning shots. At the same time, you have to make sure that you’re heading out for a reason and won’t be putting any efforts to waste.

Check Weather Forecasts

Depending on what you’re chasing after, like fast-moving rain clouds or thunderstorms, schedule your shoot when and where it’s expected to take place. Radar apps are also of great help to many storm chasers, so you may want to download weather apps like Storm, MyRadar, or Radarscope.

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