A $25,000 Tesla Would Be a Game-Changer: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Bizarrely, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently took time out of his 120-hour workweek for an interview with widely followed YouTube tech reviewer (and Tesla superfan) Marques Brownlee. During the interview, Brownlee asked about the possibility of a lower-cost Tesla eventually coming to market.

Musk responded that as Tesla gains scale, it may be able to deliver a high-quality car for just $25,000. He suggested that with a lot of hard work, it might be possible to offer a vehicle at that price point about three years from now.

If Tesla were actually able to profitably build a desirable electric car for as little as $25,000, it would be a game-changer for the company (and for the auto industry as a whole). At that price point, electric vehicles could quickly come to dominate the market. However, it could easily take a decade for Tesla to bring costs down enough to make this dream a reality — and other automakers will likely get there first.

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