5 Common Electric-Car Questions Answered

As more automakers begin selling electric cars, a lot of consumers are still curious about how these new vehicles work, and whether an electric car would be suitable for them. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about electric car to give potential car buyers a better picture of whether one of these cars is right for them.

Electric car logo on parking space

Can it be plugged into a regular outlet?
All mass-produced electric cars today come with a charging unit that can be plugged into a standard 110-volt outlet, so it’s possible to charge from ordinary household outlets. However, a 110v outlet will mean that charging will take longer.

Tesla Motors ) notes that using a 110v outlet will charge a Tesla Model S at approximately three miles of range per hour. The Chevrolet Volt, produced by General Motors, has a charge rate using a 110v outlet that allows the car to charge fully in 10-16 hours. As a result of having a larger battery than the Volt, the Nissan Leaf takes slightly longer to charge with a 110v outlet.

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