How to Write a Funny Comic Strip

Comic strips are a fun way to pass time for readers who love a good visual story. Making these static images funny can be challenging at first, but it gets easier to do with practice. You will need a desire to draw, a good imagination, and time to plan out your comic. Come up with an amusing joke or event to portray before you begin sketching. After refining your comic, you can show it to others to make them laugh with you.

Plotting the Comic’s Panels

Brainstorm amusing tale or skits for your comic.

Come up with a joke you want to share with the world. Scribbling down some basic dialogue for your characters may be helpful. Make use of subjects that interest you and what you find funny, then try to fit it into your own sense of humor.

  • A lot of literary work comes from personal experience. Your past may be rich with stories you can tell. You can also put yourself in new situations to get more inspiration.
  • For example, Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is about a boy and his stuffed tiger. Scott Adams’s Dilbert lampoons office culture.
  • Ask yourself what age group your comic is meant for. Complicated jokes are more appropriate for teens and adults, for instance. Tone down the joke if you’re writing for children.

Choose a topic for your comic.

Before setting pencil to paper, make a final decision about your comic’s subject matter. This is very important since it determines how you design the rest of your comic. Select a scenario that is easy for you to imagine. It may not seem laugh out loud hilarious yet, but it can be a good starting point.[2]

  • Even ideas that seem insignificant at first can turn out to be very funny. For example, imagine drawing a child pretending to be Superman. You can take this concept in many different directions.
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